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360Value Based Care

360VBC is designed to help prevent illnesses based on the patient's current health and risk factors.
The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a complex set of requirements that correspond with a thorough review of patient health. Missing one requirement can mean missing reimbursement.

Team of skilled AWV Coordinators

Our skilled AWV Coordinators Initiate the AWV over the phone and deliver information to the healthcare provider, allowing for customized care plans and recommendations to be delivered seamlessly to patients.

Improve Patient Health & CMS Reimbursement

AWVs also benefit practices by improving CMS reimbursement revenue. By partnering with DataQ Health, practices are also able to reduce their AWV administrative costs with billing and coding support.

Simplify Annual Wellness Visits

DataQ Health provides a robust healthcare solution that makes AWVs as simple as standard visits by streamlining health information, current vitals, and health risk assessments into an intuitive and data-driven system.

Streamlining Health Information

Current Vitals

Health Risk Assessments

Our AWV Service Includes

• Eligibility determinations
• Patient outreach and intake
• Pre-visit screenings
• Concierge scheduling
• Initial health risk assessment
• AWV form completion and submission
• Verification for all CMS requirements
• Personalized care and prevention plan

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DataQ Health takes your patients and your practice further.

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