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Transforming Healthcare, One Solution At A Time.

At DataQ Health, we harness cutting-edge technology to revolutionize patient care by providing advanced tools to make informed decisions in a value-based care landscape.

With our comprehensive suite of services and solutions, DataQ Health is ready to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

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Innovating Technology, Improving Healthcare

At DataQ Health, we combine advanced technology solutions with compassionate clinical services to improve patients’ health and wellness.

We are a pioneer in population health management, blending technological innovations and engaging clinical services to deliver industry-leading value-based care outcomes.


Providing exceptional solutions to thousands of providers nationwide


With over 3,000 practices utilizing our solutions and services, DataQ is a proven industry leader

Total Shared Savings

Enhancing financial performance with value-based care

Care Gaps Closed

Improving quality of care by eliminating care gaps


Enabling healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care through actionable data.

Connected, Collaborative, and Caring

Close risk and quality gaps with DataQ’s solution suite through customized workflows and intuitively accessible data in an easy-to-navigate interface.

Clinical Services
for Optimized Practices

Provide your patients with clinical services delivered
by experienced, caring nurses and healthcare professionals.

Connected, Collaborative, and Caring

Focused care for complex, high-risk patients delivered by healthcare professionals in coordination with your practice through DataQ’s service suite.

Individual patient focus for exceptional outcomes

DataQ’s Care Management and Coordination programs provide individual patient focused care to deliver improved outcomes, close gaps, and prioritize high-risk patients. Our experienced Care Managers build your patients’ confidence in managing conditions and ensure adherence to care plans. Learn more about our individual programs.

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Value-Based Care

DataQ’s Value-Based Care services deliver a coprehensive solution for enhanced coding accuracy, optimized reimbursement, and improved patient outcomes. With certified coders, clinicians, and data analysts providing insight into your practice and the opportunity to thrive in a value-based payment system.

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Provider Resource Center

DataQ’s Provider Resource Center streamlines your back office processes, allowing your practice can focus on delivering high-quality patient care.
From prior authorizations to referrals, the Provider Resource Center takes on the administrative functions of your office, maximizing the time you spend with patients.

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Data Analytics

Assess your patients’ health and the impact of your choices like never before. Leverage DataQ’s unique Data Analytics services to pinpoint high-risk patients and patients who may become high-risk in the future.

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Our Clients

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

Our clinical care services and population health management solutions have enabled our clients to achieve quantifiable increases in reimbursements, and more importantly, improve patient health.