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About Us

At DataQ Health, we're dedicated to supporting
healthcare organizations and providers in utilizing data-driven strategies to enhance patient health outcomes.

Our services and solutions impact outcomes that facilitate and enhance the efficiency of the healthcare ecosystem.

We leverage our clinical, technological, and analytical expertise to develop solutions that simplify and enhance healthcare delivery for providers and organizations.

Our combined proficiency in clinical practice improvement and technological advancement places us at a unique vantage point. Using data-driven choices healthcare service organizations can make better decisions.

Mission & Values

We are driven by our core values:

We believe that data has the power to change healthcare fundamentally, and our mission and DataQ Health is to be at the forefront of this shift.
We strive to create a healthcare landscape where data is the cornerstone of healthcare decision-making, benefitting all


We uphold the highest standards of honesty in all our interactions both within DataQ and with our clients and patients. We stand by our commitments and follow through on our promises.


We strive to truly understand our patient, client, and employee needs. We believe everyone should be heard and supported.


We are committed to delivering exceptional technology and services to our clients and patients. We believe in building our relationships by understand their needs and serving their best interests.


We value teamwork and actively seek opportunities to collaborate across departments, leveraging the diverse skills and expertise of our employees to achieve shared goals.


We foster a culture of openness, honesty, and accountability. We believe in open, clear communication within DataQ and with our clients and patients.


We are dedicated to approaching challenges with creativity, a spirit of continuous improvement, and a forward-thinking mindset.


At DataQ, diversity isn't just a checkbox; it's a testament to our dedication to fostering authentic human connections. We're dedicated to creating a healthcare environment where every person's story is valued, and where we learn and grow from one another's unique perspectives

Our Team

The DataQ Health Leadership Team is comprised of healthcare and technology
leaders bringing together decades of clinical, operational, development, and business.

R. Haris Naseem

R. Haris Naseem

MD – Chief Executive Officer

With a career spanning more than three decades, Dr. Haris Naseem has developed a synergy between his medical expertise and business acumen to create and deliver high-quality healthcare solutions. Through his experience as the Chief Executive Officer of Summus Healthcare, he has built multiple healthcare organizations including Prime Health ACO, Wiseman Innovations, Premier Independent Physicians, North Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology, Starwood Pharmacy Services, and more. He stepped into the value-based care industry, focusing on population health management and has continued to bring technological solutions and services at a unified platform with DataQ Health.

Julie Do

Julie Do

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Julie Do serves as DataQ Health’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer and brings over 20 years of healthcare industry experience to the executive leadership team. Prior to joining the team, she worked as Vice President of Finance at Methodist Dallas and Methodist Charlton and as Hospital Chief Financial Officer of Health Management Associates. She holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. Her passion for leading data-driven initiatives to optimize healthcare operations and improve health outcomes brought her to DataQ Health where she leads technology and clinical services. She finds joy with her husband and two daughters.

Preston Miller

Preston Miller

SVP, Customer Engagement and Operations

Leading Customer Engagement and Operations as Senior Vice President, Preston Miller focuses on client satisfaction and operational excellence from a global perspective. With a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and Master’s degree in Organizational Management in Human Resources from Dallas Baptist University, he brings more than 20 years of experience with multiple nationally recognized academic health systems. Preston enjoys traveling to new places with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

Bilal Aslam

Bilal Aslam

Chief Technology Officer

Leading DataQ Health’s technology development, Bilal Aslam has expertise in strategizing and implementing initiatives at software development houses like Ultimus and Sybrid. As an early employee of Wiseman Innovations, DataQ Health’s recently acquired technology operation, Bilal was instrumental in developing and implementing a suite of population health management solutions. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from Quaid-e-Azam University. In his spare time, Bilal likes to read about global affairs and spend time with his family.

Merena Tindall

Merena Tindall

RN – VP, Clinical Programs

With over three decades of clinical, research, and administrative nursing experience, Merena Tindall provides clinical guidance and expertise as Vice President of Clinical Programs. She has developed and implemented chronic care management and other clinical programs with Summus Healthcare, DataQ Health’s sister company. Bringing experience from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Merena focuses on expanding care management services into behavioral health integration, transitional care management, and remote patient monitoring. She enjoys traveling and loves weekly date nights with her grandchildren.

Company History

Early Beginnings (2020): DataQ Health was founded in 2020 by a group of healthcare professionals who recognized the potential of data and technology to change the healthcare industry. The company started as a small startup with a handful of data analysts, software engineers, and healthcare experts. Their mission was clear: to utilize the power of data to improve patient outcomes.

Innovations in Healthcare Analytics (2021-2022): In the following years, DataQ Health gained recognition for its innovative approach to healthcare analytics. They developed cutting-edge software and data solutions that allowed healthcare providers to access valuable insights, streamline operations, and enhance patient care.

Expansion and Partnerships (2023): In 2023, DataQ Health acquired Wiseman Innovations, LLC and doing so gained one of the most power population health management resources available. Partnering Wiseman Innovations’ technology with DataQ Health’s robust systems and clinical services, DataQ Health positioned itself as a change-maker in the healthcare industry.

The Future of Healthcare (2023 and Beyond): As DataQ Health looks to the future, they are committed to innovation and client-centric focus. The company envisions a healthcare landscape where data-driven decision-making is the norm, and patients have more control over their health. They continue to collaborate with the best minds in the industry, working on pioneering solutions that will shape the future of healthcare, making it more personalized, preventive, and affordable for all.

Today, DataQ Health is a leader in healthcare data analytics, known for its dedication to improving patient experiences and reducing costs. With a diverse and talented team of experts, the company remains true to its core mission of using data to drive positive changes in the healthcare world.

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