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Provider Resource Center

Enhance patient care by optimizing your staff’s time by streamlining your back office processes with DataQ’s Provider Resource Center. The PRC offers a host of administrative services that allow you to focus on patients - not paperwork.

Reduce your variable labor costs, streamline scheduling, and more so you can focus on patient care and satisfaction.

Efficiently Enhancing Your Practice

Since 2018, DataQ has provided administrative support services to medical practices throughout the United States. The Provider Resource Center is dedicated to handling back-office functions and simplifying processes, providing your staff and practice with the capacity to concentrate on direct patient care and satisfaction.

Offering medical transcription service, Annual Wellness Visit preparation, authorizations for procedures and medications and more.

Prioritize patient care; let DataQ’s Provider Resource Center manage the rest.

Provider Resource Center Services

Medical Transcription

Clinician supported, HIPAA compliant: Our Medical Transcriptionists deliver accurate SOAP notes, progress reports, clinical summaries, and patient charting.

Annual Wellness Visits

Support in completing AWV assessments and managing scheduling. Track your patient population, response and completion rate with ease.

Insurance Authorizations

Simplified and timely: Ensure your patients receive the right care at the right time. Procedure authorizations managed end-to-end, minimizing rejected claims without

Eliminate patient confusion by closing the gap between your office, insurance, and the pharmacy so your patient can start treatment as soon as possible.

Schedule Management

Inbound referral and appointment requests, managed by DataQ Health’s PRC delivers patient satisfaction and minimizes your variable labor costs.

Benefit Verification

Receive clear and accurate patient responsibility estimates for predictable revenue streams and conflict-free patient interactions.

Referral Management

Improve patient satisfaction and engagement with faster turnaround time on specialist referrals, orders, DME, imaging, and more.

Document Management

Minimize document loss and filing errors with DataQ Health’s document managers. Delegate your in-office staff to direct patient care and we’ll handle the paperwork.

PRC Benefits


Secure, HIPAA compliant processes


24/7 support


Resource flexibility – scale up or down as your needs change


Fast and accurate – with no in-office patients, we are dedicated to your practice’s needs.


Experienced, trained, and professional staff

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